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Agricultural and Mineral Commodity Trading, International Business Advice, Financing and Investments

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Financing and Investments

Wide range of commercial financing solutions

International Transactions

Team of qualified professionals with an emphasis on results

Commodity Trading

Transactions certified by document evaluation and verification systems

Who We Are

International Trade Consultancy and Advice

Holen Group is a company specialized in negotiations of agricultural and mineral commodities, advising on international business, financing and investments.

Our Mission

To develop innovative and consistent solutions, ensuring business evolution and achieving better results.

About Us

Competence, ethics and transparency

Our main goal is to provide our customers and suppliers with results of profitability, quality, safety and satisfaction.

Our Principles

Ethics, quality, safety and results.

Our Vision

Achieve a prominent position acting with excellence and continuous improvement.

Financial Services

Competitive advantage through transaction security

Standby Letter of credit

Also known by the acronym SBLC, it is an instrument that aims to protect the seller or exporter and the buyer or importer.

Banking Guarantees

A set of instruments that guarantee import or export transactions, competitive offers, bidding and even payment of credits granted abroad.

Documentary Letter of Credit

Payment method widely used in international transactions as it offers greater guarantees for both the exporter and the importer.


Essential instruments to reinforce security in international trade transactions.

Commodity Trading

Qualified professionals committed to the results of our customers

sugar (1)

Brazil is the world's leading sugar producer, with its share of global production increasing dramatically in recent years.


Most of the coffee exported is in the form of commodities. Brazil, with one third of the world's coffee production, is the largest coffee producer in the world.

Cafés Especiais para exportação | Grupo Holen
Specialty coffees

Brazilian specialty coffees are winning more and more international awards, standing out for their unique quality, aroma and flavor in the global market.

Carne bovina HALAL

Brazil's greatness as a producer and exporter of beef is recognized worldwide for its quality and origin. Our selected cuts, coming from breeders committed to sustainable production standards, guarantee the excellence and reliability crucial to the success of your international operations.


Decades of investment have made Brazil one of the main producers of beef, generating productivity gains and increasing quality with exports to more than 150 countries.

Frango HALAL
HALAL Chicken

Brazil is the main exporter of HALAL chicken in the world thanks to strict production standards that follow the precepts of Islam.


The increase in human consumption of corn provides a great benefit: it is helping to create business opportunities for the production chain.


Brazil is the world's largest soy producer and soy exports significantly contribute to the country's economy.

Experiência e Tradição em Comércio Internacional | Grupo Holen
Our Credentials

Business Experience and Tradition

We have more than 25 years of experience in sectors such as construction and agriculture, attracting Brazilian multinational, industrial and agribusiness clients.

Over this time, our board of directors also served in senior positions, performing executive functions in entities such as:


Regional Council of Economy of the State of Mato Grosso


Board of Trade of the State of Mato Grosso


National Confederation of Industry


Federation of Industries of the State of Mato Grosso

We also provide services to several national and multinational companies, such as:

Partners and Suppliers