About Us

What We Do

We provide results of profitability, quality, safety and satisfaction

Holen Group is a company specialized in negotiations of agricultural and mineral commodities, advising on international business, financing and investments.

Our main goal is to provide our customers and suppliers with results of profitability, quality, safety and satisfaction.

Our product portfolio includes the main commodities: sugar, coffee, corn, soy and animal protein (beef and chicken).

Our suppliers and partners are producers, trading companies, refrigeration companies, foreign exchange and financial banks, import and export specialists, guaranteeing more
comfort and safety for our customers.

Who We Are

Specialists in consulting and advisory in international trade

We operate in commodity purchase and sale negotiations, providing assistance in operations carried out by distributors, exporters, consumers, and potential partners. Financial advice on commercial financing and foreign exchange.

Located in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, capital of the state of São Paulo, with a branch in Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso, the Holen Group is associated with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, an entity that has been operating for 71 years with the purpose to connect Brazilians and Arabs to promote economic, social and cultural development, resulting in excellent opportunities for international negotiations between Arab businesspeople and Brazilian producers and businesspeople.

As partners and suppliers, we have a large foreign exchange and financial bank, specialists in import and export, allowing our customers to have access to international opportunities and also producers, trading companies, refrigeration companies, ensuring more comfort and security for our customers.

How We Work

Ethics, professionalism and responsibility


To develop innovative and consistent solutions, ensuring business evolution and achieving better results.


To be a reference company in the market, acting with competence and continuous development in its results.


  • Our conduct must reflect the most correct ethical standards;
  • Our relationship with customers and employees must be transparent, personalized and based on responsibility and trust between the parties;
  • Our work is developed with professionalism, relationship, permanent updating and confidentiality;
  • Management will be consistent with an emphasis on the quality of our services;
  • Act with environmental and social responsibility.
Our Commitment

We work with our customers and partners focusing on the following principles

We also serve several multinational companies, such as:

Partners and Suppliers