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Competitive advantage through transaction security

Our wide range of commercial financing solutions allows our clients to have access to international opportunities.

Holen Group’s services are adapted to the needs of each client. Management’s extensive years of industry experience as a provider of business solutions, along with a strong network of allied banks and financial institutions, will make your global business happen quickly.

Our goal is to provide our clients with what they need to power their transactions at competitive rates and, most importantly, without lengthy processes. As our customers grow, we can provide them with what they need to become more competitive and our allies with the team of trade experts are more than willing to help you anytime, wherever you are.

Our experience in understanding your complex business transactions ensures you get the ideal solution for your business needs. Through Financial Advisory, our highly trained trade finance specialists offer comprehensive trade finance solutions, guide clients to better structure their businesses and take care of their liquidity.

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Financial Services

Standby Letter of credit

Also known by the acronym SBLC, it is an instrument that aims to protect the seller or exporter and the buyer or importer.

Banking Guarantees

A set of instruments that guarantee import or export transactions, competitive offers, bidding and even payment of credits granted abroad.

Documentary Letter of Credit

Payment method widely used in international transactions as it offers greater guarantees for both the exporter and the importer.


Essential instruments to reinforce security in international trade transactions.

Our team of analysts is at your disposal!

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